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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  February 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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only four quarterbacks have won super bowles. >> roethlisberger will face off against aaron rogers who has a squeakily clean image. >> we'll have more on rogers tomorrow morning. for now, that's what's making news in america on this thursday morning. >> later on "good morning america," the latest on the rapidly changing situation in egypt. >> thanks for watching, everybody. we'll see you back here tomorrow. have a great day. ♪ good morning, everyone. i'm jenelle wang live in the news room. all is calm right now in cairo but it was a violent night and shaping up to what could be a violent day as they intensify protests to force the president out of office by tomorrow. >> 50 children are taken from a
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marin county science center after becoming sick. 90 more sent home this morning. >> weatherwise calmer and much colder this morning than it was yesterday morning. we'll talk about above average temperatures and search for the much needed rain. >> a ton of road work that may slow you down. i'll have the details on 880 and 92 coming up. >> and the feds warn oakland again, anyone running a marijuana farm faces federal prosecution. >> i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news egypt's prime minister is apologizing this morning for the attack on anti-government protestors. overnight more gunshots rang out as tanks tried to end the clashes between the two sides. jenelle wang is live following the latest out of cairo.
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>> secretary of state hillary clinton is also urging egypt's new vice president to investigate the attack by pro-regimen supporters on anti-government demonstrators. here's a live picture from central cairo, the heart of the recent demonstrations to oust egyptian president hosni mubarak. people are gathering there, things are calm. they have cardboard barriers up to protect them from molotov cocktails. it was a bloodbath between pro and anti-government demonstrators. they used tanks to separate those two sides but didn't stop them killing at least two people overnight, the chaos unolded 24 hours earlier at the square where anti-government demonstrators had been holding peaceful protests and supporters stormed the square. the group was a force of paid
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thugs and policeman in civilian clothes sent there specifically to attack them. now more than ever the demonstrators want egyptian president hosni mubarak to step down immediately and vowing to intensify their protests to force him out by tomorrow. he's trying to play with us. trying to do it again, again. >> he should go! out! >> what was just received, word that the egyptian military has started rounding up the journalists in that area because they have also come under attack by protestors. we hear they're rounding them up just for their own protection. the health ministry said five people have been killed and over 800 people injured. american tourists and u.s. government personnel in egypt have been evacuated. the united nations will evacuate 350 employees and families on two u.n. charter flights. we'll bring you the latest.
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>> jenelle, thank you very much. it's 4:33 now. dozens of bay area students staying at a west marin science camp near petaluma got very sick overnight and had to be picked up by their parents. the principal at the walker creek ranch said parents were called after the kids were vomiting and had other symptoms including stomach cramps and diarrhea. paramedics were also called. 200 fifth and sixth graders were at the camp. many are from danville. 50 were picked up by parents late last night and another 90 were going home early this morning. terry mcsweeney will have more in a live report coming up at 5:00. >> the california public utilities commission has ordered pg&e to turn down the pressure in four of its gas lines. two run through the city of milpitas. >> the california public
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utilities commission found pg&e allowed the pressure in four transmission pipelines to rise above maximum federal standards for years. two of the lines are many milpitas. milpitas's public works director believe the lines in question run out of the milpitas terminal on ranch drive. one travels down barbara lane where shopping center and into san jose. the other likely passes by pinewood park and this residential neighborhood. >> i'm a homeowner. obviously any homeowner is going to be concerned about it. >> pg&e resorted to lower the pressure by 20% immediately. the heightened pressure alone may not be enough to cause major problems but the cpuc doesn't want to take any chances. >> we don't feel comfortable with the public utilities commission until pg&e proves to us those pipeline pressures are set correctly. >> they found there was a spike in pressure before the september 9th blast in san bruno. and there were defects in the
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pipe's welds. since then pg&e has been required to hand over all pipe inspection reports. but assemblyman jerry hill is demanding more oversight. >> what i want to see is that the public utilities commission goes out and does the inspections and audits the records in a proactive manner, not waiting for pg&e to provide the information because frankly we can't rely on pg&e. >> pg&e released this statement admitting the pressure exceeded safety standards. the company also says it's taking steps to improve operations. in milpitas, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> it's 4:36 now. this morning caltrain's board of directors could declare a fiscal emergency as the agency faces a $30 million budget deficit in the next fiscal year. the move would allow caltrain to raise fares, reduce service and close stations without conducting a full environmental review. at today's meeting the board is scheduling a public hearing march 3rd to discussion options.
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they might have to eliminate all lines except weekday commute hours. >> san jose police are trying to determine if there are more possible victims of a day-care center worker accused of sexual abuse. keith woodhouse is being held without bail on charges of committing lewd acts with students at trace elementary school. he works for the community development center which operates an after-school day-care facility on that school campus. police notified parents about the arrest yesterday. investigators are concerned because they say woodhaslem worked with children more than a decade in camp centers. >> warning oakland about its ordinance to issue city licenses for industrial medical marijuana farms. the u.s. attorney melinda hanks sent a letter to city attorney john russo saying anyone who knowingly helps other commit crimes associated with pot growing faces federal prosecution. the plan was put on hold after
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warnings that council members could face criminal prosecution. a new draft is set to be discussed next week. >> it's 4:37. inland fog. >> didn't see any. felt the cool out there this morning. i'm not talking about the miles davis kind of cool, it's cool! >> much colder than yesterday. a good observation, eric. let's take a look at the temperatures. still 30s livermore, fairfield, napa, rose, redwood city, half moon bay and also los gatos. the rest of us low to mid-40s until you get to oakland and san francisco, upper 40s. yes, compared to 24 hours ago, fremont's 1 degree warmer, los gatos exactly the same. the bay shore and san francisco we're about 4 to 8 degrees cooler and then around the coast into the north bay and east bay valleys, 10 to 18 degrees cooler than yesterday. because we're in such a hole
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this morning, we'll be just about as warm as yesterday but these temperatures are going to swing 25 to 30 degrees between this morning and this afternoon. mid to upper 60s in most neighborhoods. the east bay valleys low 60s for you. let's go down to the monterey bay where we have a ton of sunshine today. low to mid-60s around the bay, mid to upper 60s inland. let's take a look at your accu-weather 7-day forecast. temperatures jump into the 70s just about all areas over the weekend and into monday. then we'll stay warmer than average through a dry tuesday and wednesday. here's frances. do you have an accident? >> new crash just reported actually right at the bay bridge toll plaza so we have a live shot. reportedly toll booth number 8. a couple cars blocking that toll booth. traffic still getting by okay. if you're heading to the san mateo bridge, this is what you need to know. there's road work on 880 northbound and southbound lanes are blocked and also the connector ramp from northbound
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880 to either westbound 92 or eastbound 92 should be reopened at 5:00. it's scheduled to be closed the next 20 minutes at this point. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you so much. it's 4:39. >> that's the nicest thing she's every said to me. still ahead, the millions of dollars invested to encourage more people to drive electric cars. >> san francisco singles head to the library to check out not just books, let's say. >> and violence escalates in cairo. mary! hey!
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good morning. it's 4:42 on this thursday, also the start of the lunar new year. happy year of the rabbit. and starting on a chilly and clear note this morning. no fog here.
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san francisco looking at the bay bridge. we'll talk more to mike about whether we have an auspicious start to the year weatherwise. >> in the bay area, the air quality district is trying to make driving an electric car more convenient. it's handing out $4 million to install charging stations around the bay area. here's some of the companies that will make and install 2800 charging stations along key transportation corridors. ecotalty, clipper creek, arrowenvironment. >> it's an investment that will make the electric vehicle a viable option for bay drivers. >> opening the book of love. the library heads to a special pre-valentine event to a single checkout other than books. the first ever lbgt speed dating
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night at the library. >> actually i'll read any book. (laughter) >> she's speed dating at the san francisco library. she and 36 other 20 and 30 something's came to the first lbgt literary speed dating night. everybody's asked to bring a favorite book to talk about and break the ice. >> people that read, they're a certain sector in society. so they have that automatically in common. >> most of these people never speed dated before. anthony says this type of gathering works for him. >> i love to read. and i love the library. and i really -- looking at socializing, meeting people, literate people. >> iris told me she enjoys new experiences. >> i love reading. why not meet people in that environment. >> people had time to mingle and chat. they seemed to be sizing each
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other up, possibly choosing the most promising future dates. one of the more difficult aspects about this speed dating is try and figure out exactly what kind of questions to ask to see if you've got something in common with the individual across from you in four minutes. >> i was gonna ask what you like to read. >> everyone is identified by number, no names. after the speed date, they write down the number of those they wanna see again. tanya says it will take three days to notify them of their matches. she hopes they'll come back to the library to meet. abc 7 news. >> do you remember who wrote the book of love? >> no. >> it's a song. only us older folks will remember. i'll sing it for you in the break. 4:45 now. coming up, protestors took no breaks in cairo starting fires overnight. three demonstrators were killed. we'll have the latest from the city. >> the beginning of the chinese lunar new year. where you can celebrate right
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welcome back. 4:48 on this thursday. the storm is over but the arctic chill is just now moving in. look at the highs in chicago, in the teens tonight, 29 new york. 80 miami about as warm as it gets. you head to atlanta, 44. upper 40s to low 50s in the pacific northwest. as far as any airport closures, nothing really reported right now and with no real storms out there, there may be few delays. we'll have them but they'll be few and far between. here's kristen. >> the increasing violence in egypt we've been talking about is sparking concern about the safety of the nation's antiquities now. the egyptian museum near the heart of the protesting is filled with ancient artifacts. they have destroyed two mummies,
4:49 am
smashed artifacts and thrown molotov cocktails at the building. director of near east studies at berkeley, she said a site she's excavating at the south of cairo has been looted. >> they're looting the site with shovels which beets bulldozers but we're not sure how much damage has been done. >> she's encouraged by signs egyptian people have stepped in now in many cases to help protect priceless treasures. >> what we're seeing in egypt is the culmination of similar unrest throughout north africa. last night scholars talked about the growing unrest in egypt, yemen and tunisia. >> a huge appetite here for information what's happening in north africa. >> i know i can go back and i can be an active member and i can be proud of our society
4:50 am
again. >> this packed room at c. berkeley, her parents inspired here to leave indonesia. >> they pushed me to go out of the country. they said they don't believe in the system. they never believed in it. even when they had the memberships and the party in their wallets, they had just to protect our family. >> the tunisian overflow went -- >> so much violence and police brutality. >> michael knox just returned from a year in the obama administration. he said the arab style democracy seen in iraq could be the
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templa template. >> you could have democratic oriented people but they themselves could be overthrown by another autocrat, the army or by somebody else. >> professor knox also pointed out that chaos makes it easier for extremists groups take over and that's a big concern for the u.s. >> well, today is the start of the lunar new year. it is the year 4709, year of the rabbit. check it out. fireworks lit up the sky in cities throughout mainland china, hong kong and taiwan. people there already observing the new year in their families. many are visiting temples to pray for good fortune. the celebration continues for two weeks. here in the bay area it ends with the annual lunar new year parade in san francisco on
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february 19th. but there are a lot of other community events on the side. redwood city is kicking off its inaugural celebration, a little festival there. tons of things going on. >> lots to do. but the grabbnddaddy is here in the city. fun for the kids to watch. >> take you outside, show you how clear it is this morning. how chilly around the bay with 30s and 40s. not like dallas, super bowl. temperatures are just as cold there as in pittsburgh and green bay. so those folks thinking they're coming down and getting a little spring treat. huh-uh. not right now. ice on the roads there, too. we don't have to worry about that because we don't have any fog. let's talk about the temperatures and how cold it's going to be when you step outside. mid to upper 30s in our inland valleys. even 40s concord, 43 antioch, 41 san rafael. it is in the upper 30s, half moon bay, redwood city and los gatos. oakland and san francisco in the upper 40s. 50 right now in santa cruz.
4:53 am
40 watsonville. 44 monterey and 32 degrees in gilroy. it's the clear sky and the cool start that will temper the temperatures just a little this afternoon. still sunny and warmer than average. warming trend strengthens as the nights won't be quite as cold saturday, sunday and monday. looking at a chance of rain but not until possibly next weekend. today's 24 hour temperature change, pretty much the same at concord and san jose. exactly the same fremont, oakland, san jose and forecasting 1 degree of cooling compared to yesterday in santa rosa. 10 hours, 23 minutes and 20 seconds of sunshine. 20 minutes more than yesterday. dublin and pleasanton the warmer spots at 63 degrees. let's head to the east bay shore. we have mid-60s here, either 63, 64, or 65. south bay we have 63 to 64 degrees.
4:54 am
on the peninsula pretty much either 63 or 64 degrees. look at half moon bay and pacifica, 63 and 64 degrees but we stop it right there. going to get down to 62. that's our high in sunset, daly city south san francisco and 63 downtown. head through the north bay valleys, mid to upper 60s in most areas. along the coast in sausalito, low 60s. upper 60s, santa rosa, cloverdale and ukiah. low to mid-60s here and 65 l.a. and 58 palm springs. everyone seeing sunshine. the same area of high pressure that's bringing us this warm weather with temperatures in the 70s away from the coast this weekend is also going to dominate most of the state. you'll find it very pleasant no matter where you go the next couple days. here's frances with a look at your traffic. >> back to hayward, the road work to the highway has been cleared. heading to the san mateo bridge,
4:55 am
once you're on the span this is what you can expect. reported westbound you can see blinking lights but it's not slowing anyone down. it's off to the shoulder. the bay bridge toll plaza, that's where we have a crash but you wouldn't know it. reportedly it's still blocking toll booth fas trak lane number 8 and chp is still en route. no problems either in the south bay with this live shot of the 2280 and highway 17 interchange for you. get traffic when you want and for your route by going to our website anytime, it's under the bay area traffic link. kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. it's 4:55. a disturbing trend in hiv cases in san mateo county. fewer people were tested for hiv last year but more tested positive. 64 people turned out positive last year compared to 57 in each of the previous two years. infection rates for other sexually transmitted diseaseses
4:56 am
also went up last year after a dip in 2009. health officials are not alarmed but plan to target populations for more outreach. >> feeling guilty to indulge in video games with your kids. it may alleviate your guilt especially if you have daughters. several positive outcomes occur when girls between the ages of 11 and 16 played age-appropriate video games with their parents. the girls showed higher levels of parent connectiveness, better aggression and reaction with family members. the opposite was true if girls played games with their parents that were not age-appropriate. boys in the study of course were not affected one way or the other. >> i can buy into that but did you see the woman playing boxing. that's bonding? >> get out that aggression. >> ahhhh! >> and nobody calls the cops. >> next on abc 7 news at 5:00,
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